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As part of our 25 years celebration, and with our wish to turn Skopje into a persistent touristic destination, we decided to extend Skopje Calling to two weekends.

It is our pleasure to announce the headliner of the first weekend of Skopje Calling- ALAN WALKER- absolutely one of the biggest names in the electronic music scene at the moment, with a performance scheduled on 2nd June, at ARM Stadium.

Even though he is only 20 years old, WALKER has become one of the most listened artists on YouTube and has achieved huge success in the electronic music scene. His hits “Faded”, “Alone”, and “Sing Me To Sleep” topped the charts and have become platinum in more than 10 countries.

For this year, WALKER has announced new music, as well as a world tour, in which the Macedonian and Balkan public will have the opportunity to see him for the first time, on Skopje Calling 2018!



Avalon lives and breathes only because of these two reasons:

To make you happy and to make the inpossible- possible.

As the title suggests, the leading tandems of the electronis music scene (not just these past couple of years, but also today) AXWELL & INGROSSO are coming in Macedonia for the first time, as headliners of Skopje Calling, 21st June 2018.

With such attractive super names, absolutely enormous hitmakers and headliners of the biggest world festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra, Macedonia will become one of the leading regional destinations for European lovers of electornic music and we are certain that the these two festivals will have at least 50.000 visitors from Europe.

The two shows will have incredible visual and sound effects, the same as some of the biggest electronic festivals from around the world.


The heroes of trip hop,
Morcheeba - new headliners on the second weekend of Skopje Calling 2018!

 It is our great pleasure to announce the legendary trip hop band Morcheeba as a headliner on the second day of Skopje Calling festival 2018, in the second weekend between the shows of Axwell & Ingrosso, Texas and Darko Rundek.

It is the first time that Morcheeba are coming to Skopje on a big stage to play their hits, as well as new, fresh material from their new album “Blaze Away”.

Since the onset of their career in 1995, Morcheeba have sold more than 10 million copies of their albums, and they are well known for their global hits, such as: Enjoy the ride, Rome wasn’t built in a day, Triger Hippie,and many more.



As you already know, ALAN WALKER is our ultimate headliner of the first weekend of SKOPJE CALLING, June 2nd.

However, Avalon Production decided to prolong the party until Sunday, June 3rd, by confirming the show FAITHLESS DJ SET with SISTER BLISS.

In the past two years, while Faithless were taking a break from live performances, Sister Bliss has been spreading their sound around the world with this exact project.


It is our great pleasure to announce that after a long attempt, finally one of the greatest British pop rock attractions of all time TEXAS is coming to the Balkans for the first time!

They will be headliners on Saturday, June 23, at the second festival weekend of SKOPJE CALLING 2018.

TEXAS has sold albums in 40 million copies by 2018, followed by a staggering 13 singles charts in the prestigious UK top 10 list, 3 albums that topped the UK list and 8 UK top 10 albums, including the last studio Jump On Board album released in May 2017.

Of course, the singer Sharleen Spiteri carries all the hits in Skopje: "Say What You Want", "Inner Smile", "I Do not Want A Lover", "Summer Sun", "In Demand" and many more hits and we're really looking forward to a great show for all generations.

It is a great pleasure to announce that one of the biggest favorites of all the times from the ex-Yugoslav space of the Avalon Production and Macedonian audience, Darko Rundek, will perform with its band with the Greatest hits show on June 23th, before the performance of legendary TEXAS, meaning that Saturday night will be an evening of enjoyment for all generations.

One of the best British pop rock bands TEXAS, as well as the Croatian live legend Durko Rundek, will perform with all-purpose concerts that will last 90 minutes.