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Detalji događaja

Here come two residents of one of our favorite clubs in the world, De School from Amsterdam!

Job Jobse
Luc Mast
Kristijan Molnar

The story of Job the DJ began somewhere inbetween Amsterdam and Berlin where he worked for Club 11, Innervisions and Trouw. As the head booker and resident DJ of Trouw he got the opportunity to book many names among which were Tale of Us as the headliners of a Life and Death label night. LaD were impressed by his intro set and soon after his DJ career catapulted as Job became LaD label manager. Now a full on DJ and resident of De School, Job Jobse shares his unique selection with happy feet all over the world.

Accompanying Job, here comes the former Trouw resident, current De Scool resident and programme manager, and former Malawi member, Luc Mast. Luc has played in New York besides having some of the coolest European venues and festivals like: About Blank, The Block, Walking Life and Dekmantel, in his pocket. He is a member of a DJ collective together with Job Jobse & Elias Mazian.

Local support: Christallization radio show boss, Kristijan Molnar.

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