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:: ULTRAVOICE /Com.Pact Rec / Israel/
>>>>>>>LIVE & DJ SET<<<<<<<<


Aquapipe / Goasapiens / Native Element / Serbia

 Pura vs Anta b2b / Save The Rave / Serbia

 Sivi / Goasapiens / Native Element / Serbia

 Extra Quality Sound & Light System

5 x Multicolor Green Lasers

Fluo Deco by :

:: Zen.it Creative Society


Ultravoice, producer Avi Levi, need no introduction, for close to a decade he has been toping the international trance scene.

This busy, versatile creature holds under his belt numerous track releases, remixes, albums, compilations & collaborations, released all over the globe.
His new digitally based EP release, "Huff & Puff", features 3 new blasting tracks, dance floor breakers, all thoroughly tested on dance floors all over the globe.
This massive expedition begins with a huge remix from Ultravoice & Switch, to Brazilian based group "Spyzer".
Spyzer, currently leading the Brazilian & international charts is a group that blends electronic and acoustic music in an exotic and unique audio-visual experience.
Ultravoice picked out their most recognized track "I feel So Free", the result is in un-cunning, arousing & exhilarating.
Falling up is System Nipel's hit, featured on their latest studio album release - "Beyond Music" (Trancelucent Prod. / Boa Group 2008), Ultravoice's remix to it is an elegant approach to this massive track, a blend of the original theme with Ultravoice's signature stamp.
UltraZax, is the first blossom of a new project, a collaboration between Ultravoice & star producer Azax Syndrom.
As expected from these 2 talented beings, this track leaves no captives, a restless manipulation of sound, a sneak preview..


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