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Your anticipation and taste, on point.
Our actions and choice, on point.

We bring to you the mysterious and melancholic Swede
>>>> Abdulla Rashim

Despite the shadowy aesthetic of his work, his sound will hit you like a rock, and echoes will long be bashing in your mind.
He firstly delighted the audience in 2011 with Gizaw, a raw and energetic EP which created the atmosphere for his long-awaited debut album, Unanimity in 2014 and later on in 2015 the EP A Shell of Speed, both highly-textured with rhythmically-perplexing cuts. Along with Jonas Rönnberg – Varg he is the creator of the famous imprint Northern Electronics.
Abdulla Rashim is a name that emerged from his studying Arabic and his long interest for the Arab world, in particular Levantine culture and politics.

Prepare yourself for this uncompromising and dedicated glacial music, praised and loved by many, and many more to come.


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    Bul. Despota Stefana 115
    11000 Beograd


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