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While we follow the turbulent life and adventures of Alex, 13 year orphan, and his best boarding school friends Gordan, Maya and Vlada Grak, we learn that old and greedy villain Jovica Vuk find out that Aleksa is capable of seeing and finding the group of medieval knights called Zlodolci. They are the keepers of silver secret that enables them to protect, heal and revive those who deserve and therefore, they are capable of changing the course of the history.

Jovica Vuk who misused the power to heal passed on him by his father, wants to take over their secret and secure himself the immortality. He tricks Alex to led him to them, but fortunately, Alex see through his plan. But, is it too late? Will Alex and his friends, although still kids, prevail in the final clash and defeat the  powerful forces of evil?  

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